Telluride, Colorado

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just to sum up, in your opinion the US is:

* hell on earth
* lacking in consciousness
* developed in a way to inspire depression and superficiality
* not quite as bad as the Soviet Union
* Short Sighted
* built on stilts

Lets get this out of the way right now, your post in confusing to read. I think, that you are bitching and moaning about the architecture and design of the buildings and houses in US cities, towns and villages. In addition you are disappointed with the building quality as well. You also seem to be upset that other countries are adopting the same style that is used in the US. Then you are blaming it on capitalism.

First of all, its not capitalism gone mad, it is just plain capitalism. Developers build buildings, and people buy them. the developer who builds the best building for the lowest price sells more buildings. What would you prefer? to force people to buy a certain type of design that you feel is better? Sounds kind of Fascist to me.

As for the building quality, again, the market sorts itself. stick built buildings are fast, easy and cheap to put up. it doesn’t make sense to build here with stones and steel. there is no benefit. If you were to amend building codes to require these more substantial construction methods costs would go up exponentially. this would decrease the number of people who could afford to own a home, and with the massive hit to the construction industry a lot people would be out of a job. and all for what benefit? to have houses that now last hundreds of years? people would rather have what they want now. It should be noted that there is nothing stopping anyone from building a house that will last for 1000 years, except that no one is willing to pay for it. again capitalism at work here, the free market has decided.

so why do other countries follow this model? because they want to. end of story. its not like the US is parking a Nimitz off their shore and threatening to bomb any place that doesn’t perfectly emulate your imaginary model for US cities and suburbs. its efficient, and that’s why.

as for the whole short sighted and on stilts bit, I’m not sure what you mean?

Lastly, using a satellite photo of the 67th largest city in the US as an example is ridiculous. every part of this country has its own feel, culture and style, claiming that Boston and Phoenix are the same is insane. Also i didn’t take your comment as mean, just arrogant and ignorant. You just come off someone who feels they are morally superior to the US. Personally i think you’re just someone who’s seen too much US pop culture, without experiencing the whole country first hand, and is talking out of their ass.

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