My home village, Hausen bei Würzburg, Germany

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I have never learned the proper etymology. From what I have gathered in my recent research, a city is a populated area with it’s own government. But a city also typically has advanced transportation systems, suburbs, etc. So according to those terms it is both a city and a town. The entire valley is nearly the size of my current city’s metro area, but has 1/50th the population. The only bus system was for disabled people and there were no suburbs. The only reason to call it a city is that it was so isolated that there was no external governing body. Population does not seem to matter at all when it comes to the definition of a town or city, though I could easily be wrong.

The place has no amusement park, the most “high end” store was probably the GAP *outlet*, or maybe JCPenney’s. It got it’s second movie theater just a few years ago. The only bands that play there are bands that are no longer popular or one hit wonders, and even those are considered huge events (think Gordon Lightfoot, Powerman 5000, Esteban). Whether or not it’s a town or a city, it has less to offer than probably even the medieval village in the original picture, which is depressing considering it’s home to probably 150 times the people.

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