Harvesting salt in the Little Rann of Kutch in western Gujarat, India

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You basically let the ocean flood a flat area with scores of little artificial ponds you’ve created. Then the sun evaporates away the water and you’re left with the salt. You can only really do this efficiently in places where it’s very sunny. In Europe the northernmost point for salt production was the Bay of Biscay (the ocean west of France). Further north, in the UK for example, you could keep a fire going with wood or peat to boil off the water, but they soon ran out of wood (or peat) to do this. Fortunately, salt also occurs naturally in mines, and the Cheshire plain (between Liverpool and Manchester) contains a huge amount of salt. Salzburg (capital of Austria) is also takes its name from salt.

In the days before refrigeration, salt was crucial to preserving food. Roman soldiers used to be paid in salt. Salt is how we get the word salary, salad and salute.

[Can you tell I’ve read this book?](http://www.amazon.com/Salt-World-History-Mark-Kurlansky/dp/0142001619)

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