Hallstatt, Austria

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It *was* very beautiful.

I think if you were to go during peak summer time it would be overwhelmingly crowded. As it was in the dead of winter there weren’t that many people around, but still enough tourists to give you a taste of what it could be like. The town itself is pleasant to walk through but there isn’t a lot to it.

Here are some more pics along the main street: [Pic 1](http://dantesdame.smugmug.com/Travel/TravelEurope/Salt-Tour-2013/i-cKTdnTv/0/XL/P1110186-XL.jpg) [Pic 2](http://dantesdame.smugmug.com/Travel/TravelEurope/Salt-Tour-2013/i-fFhxsBm/0/X2/P1110180-X2.jpg) [Pic 3](http://dantesdame.smugmug.com/Travel/TravelEurope/Salt-Tour-2013/i-8mwd7MF/0/X2/P1110184-X2.jpg)

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