Top 1000 Village Pictures

I found a town in the mountains of Morocco where everything is painted blue

Hey, my sister met my brother in law there! [He]( was a [shop owner]( in the town, and she kept getting lost and winding up back at his shop. The blue tradition started some decades ago, at the urging of some of the town’s

Inis Meáin, Ireland

Inis Meáin is a remote island of the west coast of Ireland. This photo was taken in the 60s and shows a women and her granddaughter taking pails of water to the schoolhouse. She is wearing a knitted shawl, which was typical [Gaelic dress](

Traditional living in Estonia

The property is owned by some distant family. They restored the buildings that were on the property and then applied for it to be a heritage site. It was approved and now random people can go stay there to have a “traditional” experience. So

Monastery in Meteora, Greece

They’re even more beautiful inside. The one I went to had old lady nuns who took care of cats and grew beautiful roses. Definitely a place to add to a bucket list.

Interlaken, Switzerland

I was there this past weekend! Stayed in Iseltwald, with easy access to a bus to Interlaken. The area is touristy, but if you get out to some of the smaller villages or mountains you can escape it.

Mykonos, Greece

Yeah, for a second there I highly confused while trying to figure out where on Mykonos this would be… aaaaand “not” is the answer.

Every night in tiny Luckenbach, Texas (population 3) a magical thing happens.

[They have an ATM/outhouse, apparently.](,+Post+Office,+Fredericksburg,[email protected],-98.756408,3a,66.8y,104.35h,70.46t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sk0dR2x1okd4B2IQAb4IBSA!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x865b942f75312b1f:0x85fe995feff54b64?hl=en)

Wilhelmstein island, Germany

[Here are some close-up photos:]( Built in 18th-century, the tiny artificial island called Wilhelmstein is located on Lake Steinhude, the largest lake in northwestern Germany. **The island is based on piles of stones, that had to be carried there by the local fishermen in

Palangan, Kordestan, Iran

Funny that you say that. In fact the village has rather large fish farm. And they know how to grill their fish too. Some of the finest trouts that we ate in a long time.

Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales

I was actually there a couple months back, visiting from the states, and I took a picture of that house. And if the blue, pink, and cream colored buildings all next to each other on the first street there. Recognizing this place and then

My beautiful hometown. Westman Island, Iceland.

That’s not entirely accurate. There are places on Earth that are even windier, yet have lots of trees (Wellington, NZ, or St. John’s, Newfoundland, for example). What those places *do* have is more sunlight. It is estimated from the old sagas and archaeological evidence


Italian here. One of the most famous commonplace we hold goes in the lines of “sure Venice is beautiful, but I’d hate living there”. Which makes sense, since most of the people who “live in Venice” actually live in [Mestre]( (not quite the same

You’d never guess this is Long Island

I’m curious – why not? I’m from the West Coast and haven’t ever been to Long Island (except for Brooklyn and Queens, which I assume, don’t really count), but my stereotype of the place is that it’s vaguely New England-y. On the subject, what

Crested Butte, CO

The Secret Stash is actually the best pizza I’ve ever had. Source: I was born in CB. Don’t live there anymore but I do go back.

Gudvangen, Norway

I believe you are correct. Here’s another angle, from WikiMedia: [ [3008×2000]](

Beynac-et-Cazenac, France

Beynac-et-Cazenac is classified as one of [Les plus beaux villages de France]( (most beautiful villages of France).

Cold Spring, New York

It’s called tilt-shift. It has to do with limiting the depth of field to trick your mind into thinking it’s a miniature. [Here’s a site with several really cool examples of tilt-shift photography](

Bern, Switzerland

it’s a nice photo, but ugh the white balance is killing it for me! even if this is actually what it looked like there, it would do so much for the viewer to just change it a bit! View post on

Mont Saint-Michel

It’s still [under renovation]( currently so you might as well hold off for a bit. If you want to avoid hordes of tourists, February is not a bad time to visit. As an added benefit, the tides during that time are actually high enough

Street in Honfleur, France

Amazing oysters there, too. You can buy them from the market and eat them sitting on the shore looking at the beds in which they were raised. [Some of the best oysters in the world.](

Schweiz, Switzerland

Apologies, it is a small town called Braunwald in the Glarus Alps. The best part of Braunwald, apart from the stunning mountain scenery, is that it is car free. Except for your little John Deer gator, a miniature fire truck and a diminutive taxi,