Top 1000 Village Pictures

Elliðaey Island, Iceland

Do you know anything else about the house in the foreground? Presumably it’s a lodge for a shepherd or something – the island seems like it’s mainly used for grazing. There’s another little hut in the hillside, reminiscent of the wooden shacks on the

Wallace, Idaho

Picture originally taken by John R. Darrington. See his website [here.]( [Original source \(Wallace in the fall\)]( Other works of his: [Wallace in the winter]( [Wallace in the spring]( [Wallace in the summer](

I took this on my way to Jungfraujoch

Anytime I see someone posting stuff about a Scandinavian location or anything with a proper Scandinavian noun, I imagine that it was typed by rolling fist over the keyboard. For example: “I took this on my way to Joweiaufq. Passed by Gujweiomn, Buiweny, and

Finding serenity in Bruges, Belgium

If I read the film correctly, by the end the perception of the city by Colin Farrell’s character seemed to be pretty positive in a way. So maybe that redeemed it for all the jokes they made throughout the beginning and middle. Ken certainly

Montenegro (OC)

This is the Bay of Kotor. To the left you can see the tiny artificial island which is the Gospa od Skrpjela church. The town in the center is Perast, Orahovica on the right, Risan on the left, and I believe Dobrota on the

Piran, Slovenia

Nice! I was actually there last year in the summer (from South Africa, studied in Netherlands) during a summer school in Ljubljana. We spent a few hours there swimming and soaking up the sun and I spent some quality time with a very pretty

Hohenschwangau village, Bavaria, Germany

When I went there, we stopped and turned around at the bridge. I wish we’d had more time to get to the vantage point from which this picture was taken. Oh well. And yeah… the castle looks 10x more impressive from the outside than

Monteriggioni, Tuscany, Italy

So what, you presumptiously accuse me of downvoting you, and then accuse me of lying about the fact, all over the fact that I didn’t link to a source (which isn’t exactly a ubiquitous rule among image subreddits)? I think that’s more than enough

I found a town in the mountains of Morocco where everything is painted blue

Hey, my sister met my brother in law there! [He]( was a [shop owner]( in the town, and she kept getting lost and winding up back at his shop. The blue tradition started some decades ago, at the urging of some of the town’s

Inis Meáin, Ireland

Inis Meáin is a remote island of the west coast of Ireland. This photo was taken in the 60s and shows a women and her granddaughter taking pails of water to the schoolhouse. She is wearing a knitted shawl, which was typical [Gaelic dress](

Traditional living in Estonia

The property is owned by some distant family. They restored the buildings that were on the property and then applied for it to be a heritage site. It was approved and now random people can go stay there to have a “traditional” experience. So

Monastery in Meteora, Greece

They’re even more beautiful inside. The one I went to had old lady nuns who took care of cats and grew beautiful roses. Definitely a place to add to a bucket list.