Top 1000 Village Pictures

Isle of Lewis, Scotland

I stayed there too! Super chill. Just showed up in the evening and someone came by to take our payment the next day. People staying in the house were responsible for firing up the (coal) stove and all that jazz. Very peaceful.

Whitely village

From [its Wikipedia page]( Whiteley Village, in Hersham, Surrey, England, is a retirement village. It was formed as the result of a bequest of £1,000,000 in 1907 upon the murder of William Whiteley. The village is owned and administered by the Whiteley Homes Trust,

Sandiacre, England

In case anyone’s curious, I figured out where this is: [bike trail along the Erewash canal](,-1.282058&spn=0.001403,0.003248&sll=52.925256,-1.281281&sspn=0.046,0.103941&fll=52.933299,-1.28313&fspn=0.000719,0.001624&ecpose=52.93404293,-1.28224452,51.53,-146.499,80.792,0&t=m&z=19&lci=com.panoramio.all), overlooking St. Giles’s (Church of England), in Sandiacre. There are a couple similar pictures there, but none nearly as good as this.

The lakeside village of St. Wolfgang, Austria

I like the over-saturated look in this, personally. As I said, it looks like how being in St. Wolfgang on a summer day feels. (That one’s from personal experience.) This desaturated version just doesn’t seem as alive to me. It’s just my personal opinion

Galena, Illinois, USA

Incredibly beautiful but the town seems artificial to me, as a guy who lives in another small Illinois town. It is really hard to organically regrow old mining towns…perhaps Galena is as good as can be, in which case I’m not complaining.

Chamonix, France

I was there last summer! The [Aiguille du Midi]( on the slopes of Mont Blanc right above Chamonix is a highlight. One of my favorite places.

Tian Tou village, China

I got 10 stitches at the bottom of that hill after I gashed my leg falling down a waterfall. Everyone is so nice and it’s beautiful even with no filter 🙂

In Switzerland on a stop at a scenic place (I think on a journey between Engelberg and Interlaken)

[Lungern](https:[email protected],8.156828,8339m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x478f926d41d2f275:0x7b17d89325af2cb2?hl=en). I will never forget this view.

Winter at the Italian village of Funes at the base of the Dolomites

Source: [Winter in Santa Maddalena]( by [Zeynep Sezerman]( on []( Request for [HD Download]( or [Framed Print]( or [Royalty Free License](

Hallstatt, Upper Austria

Ahh, beat me too it. I was going to post this! I’m planning my second Europe trip and have this as one of the destinations. You need to take a boat in from the train station, super excited to see this astoundingly beautiful place!

Creede, Colorado (OC)

I can imagine. It just breathes nostalgia. I imagine myself to one day cross the pond and tour the states and see all these small towns. Authentic Americana has always fascinated me.

Arosa, Switzerland

[Anyone else reminded of this?](

Puentedey, Burgos, Spain


Aurland Harbor, Norway

not that mountain top in the background, but one right above these house, i’ve been on. you can kinda see the [background in one of my pictures!]( Aurland is my favorite town in the world! EDIT: more pictures to share because i can! (i

Morning light over Vienna, Austria

Thanks to Google Earth, I found where this is: 47.90\* N, 17.15\* E is the lake. The way the light shines so early in the morning shows the picture was taken looking south, which means they were approaching from the east since the landscape

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The walls [protected the city]( from shelling during the war in 1991. It’s like an Adriatic Disneyland to visit in August though. (Edit: It’s also ‘King’s Landing’ in Season 2 of HBO’s Game of Thrones for those that don’t know).
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