Top 1000 Village Pictures

Island church on Lake Bled, Slovenia

ok, I admit, I meant I’m from Slovenia, but not exactly from Bled… but it’s so tiny anyway, and I have family from all over ­čśŤ I’ve never actually been to the island myself cause I have a terrible phobia of deep water, but

Mountain monastery, Bhutan (David Lazar)

Taktsang, the “Tiger’s Nest” in Paro, Bhutan. Guru Rinpoche, the “Precious Teacher” that brough Buddhism to Bhutan and Tibet in the first spreading of Buddhism in the 700s, escaped his enemies by manifesting into Dorje Drolo. His consort morphed into a tigress and flew

Isafjordur, Island

In Croatian and Serbian, it is Island and it is pronounced *ees-lahnd* and the word has no other meaning. The words for island in the languages are otok and ostrvo, respectively. In French, it is Islande and it is also pronounced *ees-lahnd* (with a

Dinant, Belgium

Pictures of villages like this remind me of childhood stories where everything was clean, neat,and lovely. Things worked logically. No one was poor, nothing was dirty or dysfunctional. (Unlike my immediate neighborhood). I would swear, looking at these pictures that life is idyllic in

Hallstatt, Austria

Really cool little town. [Here’s]( a picture of the town around 1900, and [here’s]( a picture from the exact same perspective a hundred years later.

The peaceful Kaysersberg Village, France

>I guess what I’m asking is if these villages are small private communities or has life in these villages been largely transformed to be centered and catered around tourism? For some of them yes, pretty much. There’s another smalltown nearby Kaysersberg called [Riquewihr]( that

Mykonos, Greece

I am a Greek myself, I travel a lot in Greece and I can still see beautiful places on Reddit that I have never seen before… (e.g. this part of Mykonos). I am happy that though we ruined our economy, we did not ruin

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Go to any place with a shit ton of money attached to it and you’ll find pretty people everywhere. Children are raised with better nutrition and attention to fitness, standards of healthcare are higher, and people have the money to spend on their appearance.

Alesund, Norway

Good enough I guess, terrible weather in summer and can be a bit boring if you’re not into winter sports, hiking or going out on the sea. Does have fantastic opportunities for those kinds of things though. Mild winters and rainy summers, sort of

Ronda, Andalusia, Spain

Oh hey. I’ve been there. When the north African dudes invaded, they got so far, with this giant crevasse blocking their way. So the south side of the town has Moroccan architecture and vibe and the north side has Spanish. That was when I

Bilbury, England.

I went there in the summer, beautiful village but it must be a nightmare to live on that row. So many tourists there, Japanese/Chinese tourists can be very rude, they were taking photos through peoples windows and going in their gardens.

Monteriggioni, Italy

Went there because it was just besides the highway. Not much to see. Nothing great about the scenery either. Tuscany is overrated, but still there are some nice places (Chianti, Val D’Orcia. Sienna and Florence).

Knaresborough, England

A perfect combination of spectacular and peaceful. Is this part of the [Canal & River Trust?]( (formerly known as British Waterways)? To sit in the lawn of that red-brick house on the right bank…

Unalaska, Alaska

“Unalaska is the Aleut name for the island. Several theories about its origin exist; the most likely is that the name comes from a corruption of the Russian word Ounalashka from the Aleut word for near the mainland, nawan Alaskax.”