Top 1000 Rural Pictures


Source: [Nebraska]( by [Jake Olson Studios]( on []( Available for [Framed Print]( and [Royalty Free License](

Meteora Monastery in Thessaly, Greece

Source: [And God said Let the Light Shine upon his Valley]( by [Bill Peppas]( on []( Request for [RF License](

Kylemore Abbey, Ireland

As an American who doesn’t have many castles, am I right in understanding “Abbey” means it’s for monks? But it looks like a castle…perhaps it started out as one?

Göschenen, Switzerland

Thank you very much. It’s a HDR picture. I took it with a NIkon D600 and the great 14-24mm ƒ2.4 lens. I’m not sure about the exact exposure times, I will have to look at them in the original files.

The Mad King’s Castle in the Bavarian Alps

Source: [The Mad King’s Castle]( by [Kilian Schönberger]( on [](

Outside Ouray, CO

haha, you sent me to the middle of the pacific ocean. If you go into streetview at the location, you should just be able to copy the url and paste it. It updates with every movement. edit: nevermind, something was weird, but I copied

Beautiful tree north of Swift Current, SK

Ignore the little black line on the far right, it’s a chip in my window. Took this while driving and it turned out surprisingly well. Next summer I’ll actually pull over and get a better shot as there’s also really cool vines wrapped around

Appalachia, Virginia

Fog kicks ass. When I walk home from university on a foggy night, I always run into photography students setting up their tripods in the middle of roads. The atmosphere is so laden with… nothingness. It’s amazing.