Top 1000 Rural Pictures

My happy place , 10′ from my home .

Lovely shot. Question, I was driving around Thessaloniki on street view, and I came across[ this](https:[email protected],22.9394923,3a,75y,226.05h,86.59t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sxeW2qOrs5SFPN2iG_E4egQ!2e0?hl=en). Is that an orange tree? Do they just grow on the street like that? If so thats awesome.

Deer in Yosemite –

I see someone is downvoting you, it wasn’t me. I was just trying to help, and ‘yes’ this image is heavily altered, and it’s so obvious at a glance even thought you may not have an eye for images that lets you understand that

View from Cooper’s Rock in West Virginia

I know a few of the mods in the subs you probably tried to post on. They were making sound calls, though it may have seemed unfair or arbitrary from your perspective. This sub was created so quality posts like this would have a

Burana Tower, Kyrgyzstan

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Source: [Nebraska]( by [Jake Olson Studios]( on []( Available for [Framed Print]( and [Royalty Free License](

Meteora Monastery in Thessaly, Greece

Source: [And God said Let the Light Shine upon his Valley]( by [Bill Peppas]( on []( Request for [RF License](

Kylemore Abbey, Ireland

As an American who doesn’t have many castles, am I right in understanding “Abbey” means it’s for monks? But it looks like a castle…perhaps it started out as one?