Top 1000 Rural Pictures

Göschenen, Switzerland

Thank you very much. It’s a HDR picture. I took it with a NIkon D600 and the great 14-24mm ƒ2.4 lens. I’m not sure about the exact exposure times, I will have to look at them in the original files.

The Mad King’s Castle in the Bavarian Alps

Source: [The Mad King’s Castle]( by [Kilian Schönberger]( on [](

Outside Ouray, CO

haha, you sent me to the middle of the pacific ocean. If you go into streetview at the location, you should just be able to copy the url and paste it. It updates with every movement. edit: nevermind, something was weird, but I copied

Beautiful tree north of Swift Current, SK

Ignore the little black line on the far right, it’s a chip in my window. Took this while driving and it turned out surprisingly well. Next summer I’ll actually pull over and get a better shot as there’s also really cool vines wrapped around

Appalachia, Virginia

Fog kicks ass. When I walk home from university on a foggy night, I always run into photography students setting up their tripods in the middle of roads. The atmosphere is so laden with… nothingness. It’s amazing.

Grand Junction, Colorado

You know, I think you may be right! It was my first time visiting the area so I may ha e gotten things mixed up! Plus we had been in the car for 12 consecutive hours by the time we hit Grand Junction, so

The house my friend built in Japan

After waiting ages for a reply I can assume he isn’t going to bother. They don’t produce their own electricity. The center has a large concrete pillar going up it with heating in. So all the heat comes from the middle and radiates outwards.

Early morning in Kaipara, New Zealand, OC

I am very lucky! I often do what you suggest. If you want to wade through the rubbish on my flickr account. I think there are some really nice views/picks from the house – I hope you enjoy them.

Nanga Parbat (Pakistan) — Photo by Tahsin Anwar Ali

Nanga Parbat Base Camp trekking is one of the best trekking in your life you could ever do. Other places that you might like are * [Fairy Meadows, Pakistan]( * [Siri Paye, Pakistan]( Believe me, they are breathtaking!

Kylemore Abbey, Ireland

Close, but after Mitchell left it was sold to the Duke and Duchess of Manchester The Duchess couldn’t stand the decor and converted it to Edwardian decor. The Duke then couldn’t control his gambling habits and went bankrupt so he sold it. The Nun’s

A Southern Wisconsin Barn

How do they do these pictures? It looks like a miniature model to me, not a real scene. I have seen some done of Seattle at a farmer’s market and it was unreal