Top 1000 Agriculture Pictures

Rice paddys where I worked in Hokkaido, Japan

I only took this with my phone so it doesn’t portray the true beauty of this scene. One of the most amazing things is the distance between the mainland and the island is 2.5 miles. It certainly doesn’t look that far, but feels it

Harvested cotton, outside Atmore, Alabama, US.

Southern Alabama, like south Georgia where I live, has 90%+ of cotton, corn, soybeans, and peanuts grown from Monsanto seeds and doused in poisons from before they’re planted. The rest of the U.S. is not much better.

A Combine Harvester

Ah. Don’t know how they work. Was imagining it circumvents the hopper and processes directly into the truck as it rides alongside, similar to his some snow removal or asphalt stripping machines work

Our vineyard

Where did I mention kickstarter? If anything I was highlighting the difference between this and actual kickstarter projects. The merits of those are debatable, but this guy is using reddit so he can put their foot in the door to beg for donations to

Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

All I can think of now when I see these fields is, City and Colour’s Little Hell [album cover.] (

Cherry bloom in Traverse City, MI

I love northern Michigan! I’m not from there originally, but I go up with my family and my Aunts family yearly right now around their annual Cherry Festival. It’s fantastic 😀

Greenhouses in Westland, The Netherlands

Actually most greenhouse do have reflective cover for shade on sunny days. In our area of the US the day length during the summer is actually too long for our pansy crops so we reduce the ambient light by pulling a reflective curtain across
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