Top 1000 Agriculture Pictures

Rural North Dakota

Yay! This is my new wallpaper. I needed something to get me out of the late-winter doldrums, and this is perfect. Thank you! Edit: For the record, [here’s the view]( from my balcony right now…

Scandinavian Fox Tails outside Hamar, Norway

Lol, this is kind of embarrassing. I called them that because that’s what someone told me they were called. I thought it was wheat but they said, no, it’s Scandinavian Fox Tails… Upon further inspection I can’t find anything called Scandinavian Fox Tails… it’s

Val d’Orcia, Tuscany, Italy

Source: [B-SIDE]( by [Mr Friks colors]( on [](

Watering the garden in Vang Vieng, Laos

This guy. This guy right here… He is living something that most of us will only experience briefly, and even then probably cheapened. Packaged and commercialized into a marketable “Experience!” that will fill us with transient happiness. Our all-too-brief taste of something really “real,”

Rice and Corn Fields in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Can’t be right in Chiang Mai as it’s a size able city. I lived there for a while and much of the outskirts looks similar to this, but not sure which direction. The north and northwest sides of the city are where some mountains

Vineyard in switzerland

I wish I could tell you. Based off of the swiss geography I remember, probably in the lowlands belt that runs east-west in the country (between Lausanne and Zurich in the linked map). Based off the photo, probably at the base of the mountains

Pasture Pastels by Nate Castner

I grew up in southern Wisconsin (well, along 94). Do you know if that’s simply a hay field or something more interesting (as in: for human consumption)? My interest is in whether the region is more diversified than it was in the 60’s. Pretty

Cotton Farm After the Rain – NSW, Australia

The quality of the cotton coming out of this gin is top notch. There are a few reasons why it is so clean (and it is nearly always this clean): * They gin many farmers/companies cotton. Therefore there are different breeds and grades of

Fields in Taiwan

To be fair, an amazing amount of farm equipment or produce can be hauled on a motorcyle, and trucks are built with a smaller wheelbase. Source, lived in rural Taiwan (Hsinchu county).

Huge Solar Photovoltaic Farm in France

If I had to take a shot in the dark, the sandstorms and constantly shifting terrain would wreak havoc on the panels so constant maintained would be a bitch in costs. Then you have to run all the electrical lines through, whereas wherever this
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