Top 1000 Agriculture Pictures

Fresh picked coffee beans

Quite true. The farmers/pickers are paid by the truckload that they deliver to the coffee co-ops, so having some green berries in each handful isn’t necessarily a bad thing in their eyes. This particular load wasn’t going to be used for any kind of

The Dalles, Oregon

+1 for braving the heat. Drove up that way earlier in the week and it was the hottest point in my 3600km round trip. Is the drought up there too? Grains and Hay looked peeked, but then again had Alberta (and grain bounty they’ve

Grain Elevator – Manitoba

Reminds me of the film [*Days of Heaven*]( It takes place on a ranch in Oklahoma and was filmed almost entirely during the Golden Hour of the day. Screenshots. [1]( [2]( [3](

Field corn coming up in Hardin County, Iowa

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Weeding the popcorn, central Illinois

I am a college student and over the summer I am a farm hand at a local family farm. I do pretty much anything and everything you can imagine waiting for the hay to grow, or dry. The farmer I work for has a

Rice paddys where I worked in Hokkaido, Japan

I only took this with my phone so it doesn’t portray the true beauty of this scene. One of the most amazing things is the distance between the mainland and the island is 2.5 miles. It certainly doesn’t look that far, but feels it

Harvested cotton, outside Atmore, Alabama, US.

Southern Alabama, like south Georgia where I live, has 90%+ of cotton, corn, soybeans, and peanuts grown from Monsanto seeds and doused in poisons from before they’re planted. The rest of the U.S. is not much better.

A Combine Harvester

Ah. Don’t know how they work. Was imagining it circumvents the hopper and processes directly into the truck as it rides alongside, similar to his some snow removal or asphalt stripping machines work