Amalfi, Italy

Something that is confusing me with this subreddit is that half the submissions seem to be towns. Some are even parts of cities, although the last one of those I saw didn’t really take off. Is this allowed?

Al Hajarayn

Most of Yemen’s cities have this beautiful [medieval look]( I hope the capital, [Sanaa](, didn’t suffer too much from the recent arab spring.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

As a german I can agree. Rothenburg is known as one of the most “tourist” towns in the country. Nonetheless it’s a beautiful and famous medieval town. Sometimes we go there to see all the tourists. (Especially the chinese and japanese bus-groups.) It feels

St Ives, Cornwall, UK

Forgot to put [OC] in the title. Here are a few more images I took on the day. St Ives is bloody lovely! [Image 1]( [Image 2]( [Image 3]( [Image 4](

Vernazza, Italy – Italian Riviera

Probably the best village porn I’ve seen. Beautiful architecture, a quiet harbor and a castle over looking the sea to boot. I can imagine myself walking down the narrow streets at dusk and taking in all the sights and sounds.

Bibury , England

I remember many years ago driving through England and I got a bit lost and ended up driving through a tiny village called Rockingham. My mouth was open the entire time because I was in shock of how gorgeous it was. The irony is

Skagway, Alaska

The train looked good, but we liked the van because it was a tenth of the price and able to stop multiple times to let people out to take pictures. I wouldn’t want to go back to Skagway though, I’ve heard they put an

Vineyard in Hunawhir, France

Beautiful little village.,7.311498&spn=0.005537,0.009645&gl=us&t=h&z=17&vpsrc=6&layer=c&cbll=48.179228,7.311882&panoid=xmH84MnLhw4Qnyo9YSKuEg&cbp=12,235.78,,0,-12.21

Monickendam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

This is not about Monickendam, but about Amsterdam: I just came from a week holiday in Amsterdam, this is the second time ever, and this year that I visit this city. I don’t really like big cities in general (not that I’ve been to

Cotton Farm After the Rain – NSW, Australia

The quality of the cotton coming out of this gin is top notch. There are a few reasons why it is so clean (and it is nearly always this clean): * They gin many farmers/companies cotton. Therefore there are different breeds and grades of

Beautiful coastal village of Ola on Santorini island, Greece.

Source: [Oia sunset]( by [Roman Rodionov]( on []( Available for [HD Download]( and [Framed Print]( Request for [Royalty Free License](

Locronan, Finistère, France,

previously post by mistake in cityporn, i know now a new cool subreddit all the town is like that. Others from of the blog of David Giral, and often use for movies (Tess by Polanski, A Very Long Engagement by Jeunet, Chouans) Chouans

Perast, Montenegro

Very true. I have roots in the Bay of Kotor (unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances I have never visited it and have never met all but a few of the family I have there) and I’ve heard of how it has changed

Novigrad, Croatia

Actually, you linked to the wrong Novigrad, Croatia. Here’s the right [Novigrad, Croatia](,_Zadar_County).

Village life in the marshes of Iraq

According to [this article,]( these villages are (or at least were, in cases where rivers supplying these marshes have been dammed or diverted) very much prone to flooding. But the residents are well adapted to it: >When the marshes flooded, he recalls, “we put

A hamlet of stone huts, Périgord, France

How cool! I have so many questions about little villages like this. I imagine that people relied on fellow citizens for food, hut repair, and other conveniences of a village. How was the quality of life compared to life in a modern city? Were

Traditional Cottages near Frognerseteren in Oslo, Norway

It is a Norwegian fence called a “skigard”.

A Homestead in Iceland

Depending on where in Iceland that is, I would say it is to protect the garden from roaming sheep, horses and possible even reindeer.